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Ho Ho Hashtag: 5 Brands That Nailed Holiday Campaigns

Last year, we learned that users interact with Instagram posts 18x as often as they do with Facebook posts. So it’s no wonder that brands take advantage of any opportunity to craft unique hashtag campaigns—and what better time to do it than the holidays? Check out five brands that made a real impression with shoppers during the 2014 holiday season:



Anthropologie used the perennially popular crowdsourcing tactic to interact with their followers and play Santa Claus. By posting a photo of an item on their wish lists with #dearanthro, fans qualified to be randomly gifted by the brand. This contest was a holiday hit, acquiring over 5,500 photos from wishful Instagrammers in just two weeks.



“On the first day of christmas, my true brand gave to me”… Everyone loves to countdown to Christmas—and an advent calendar is a tradition that brings you right back to childhood. This season, ASOS leveraged this nostalgia by unveiling “ASOS Advent,” each day asking users to post their photos of the holiday season to win a quirky grab-bag style gift from the brand. The concept spread like wildfire, with hashtag #instaadvent generating well over 2,000 photos in the campaign’s twelve days live.



The holidays are the perfect (and most common) time to give back to your community. Giggle, an all-things-baby retailer, took a page out of the Ice Bucket Challenge book and tapped into its fan base to spread a do-good holiday message. For every baby photo posted with #shareagiggle the brand donated $1 to the Worldwide Orphans Foundation to help more babies find families. By inviting fans to post photos, Giggle provided a fun, easy way for people to give back, build awareness, and contribute to a meaningful cause.



The holidays are all about taking time to think about the people in your life who mean the most to you…and that’s exactly what Esprit asked its audience to do. Its campaign #Myeverydayamazing encouraged fans to take a moment to stop and smell the roses, sharing their thoughts of appreciation with the world.



Similarly, Lululemon used a pun and suggested that people #givepresence as much as they #givepresents during the holidays. Thanks to technology overload, most of us are occasionally guilty of being glued to our phones while having a conversation with family and friends—detracting from the spirit of the most wonderful time of the year. Lululemon tapped into this theme, reminding its audience to live in the moment and cherish their time with their loved ones. The campaign really hit home, generating approximately 7,000 photos.

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