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Hootsuite CEO: We Plan to Introduce Mobile Payments and Ecommerce Functionality

Hootsuite plans to introduce mobile payments and ecommerce functionality in the near future, signaling a major expansion of the social media management system’s capabilities, CEO Ryan Holmes told The Guardian Tuesday.

On the heels of a 60 million funding injection last week, Holmes said Hootsuite is ready to enhance its services.

“If you look at our products right now, we have a publisher product, an engagement product, analytics and campaigning…and it is highly likely we will build an e-commerce or shopping product tailored towards management of e-commerce in shopping,” he told the paper.

Holmes also said it’s a natural progression for Hootsuite to apply its current service,  helping people manage their social content, to business.

“We as an organization are looking at managing products for payment in social and I think that there may be an opportunity for us to help manage your products that are for sale, and multiple social sales, in the same way we help manage content in social channels; why not think about organizing product sales for payment and for purchasing across social channels.”

However, Holmes said that the first order of business would be introducing paid social media marketing.

“We’re looking at social advertising and how we can help our customers more with advertising and social. We’re able to tell people which messages at which time of day are the most successful for them, how viral these messages are, and [how] we can help in the future,” he explained.

Luke Chatelain, Product Manager at Olapic, told The Blog that Hootsuite appears to be making all the right decisions.

“Hootsuite is in a unique position to provide their clients with better ways to buy and track social ads, similar to how they help their brands post and track standard social postings,” he said.

Chatelain explained further: “The social ad world is picking up steam because businesses are now understanding how effective social networks can be. Companies like Facebook, who just relaunched their Atlas ad service, and the impending explosion of Instagram’s ads will help to vastly accelerate this space and change how the digital ad game functions.”

Holmes echoed Chatelain’s sentiment, telling the Guardian that businesses now understand that social media is  “relevant and here to stay.”

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