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How frank body Brewed Success Through Social Commerce

frank body is an Australian-based beauty brand behind one of the cheekiest accounts on Instagram. Four years ago, the company launched exclusively on Instagram and Facebook with just one product, its Original Body Scrub. Relying entirely on social media platforms to propel its business, frank body has realized success through the combination of a unique and engaging brand voice and a sophisticated user-generated content strategy. With such a focus on the customer voice, the company has over 1 million social media followers and has sold over 2 million Body Scrubs in 149 countries around the world.

Since then, frank body has carved out a niche for itself within the skincare industry with an array of products sharing one common foundation: coffee. Over the past few years the brand’s product line has expanded, ranging from the Original Body Scrub to its latest launch: the frank body Glow Mask. Additionally, the company is proud that all product ingredients are natural or naturally-derived.

Recently, we connected with our client, Jess Hatzis, Co-founder and Creative Director of frank body, to gain more insight into how the Melbourne-based team brewed one of the fastest growing e-commerce businesses in the country.

Where does the inspiration for your brand come from?

In all honesty, we don’t look outward often. We try to find inspiration in the team, in order to really develop original ideas. That doesn’t mean we bury our head in the sand, but when we do look for inspiration elsewhere, it’s not in the beauty space.

Why do customers identify with your brand?

frank body cuts through the industry jargon that consumers were tired of: No fluff. No scientific language. No hyperbole. We tell it like it is, in a lighthearted way.

Which consumer trends do you see driving the next few years in digital marketing? Are there any trends you’ve noticed that have surprised you?

It’s not really surprising when you spend all day looking at these trends, but the shift away from polished influencer-generated content towards real, on the spot content is what excites me the most!

What is frank body doing to involve customers in the marketing process? In the customer-centric messaging? How does earned content help you tell stories on behalf of the brand?

We’ve been customer focused since day one. As a startup, we had to utilize the early adopters of our brand to help spread the word & educate people about the product category we were creating. We did so by encouraging them to take photos using our product and then highlighting them through our social channels. We celebrate our ‘frankfurts’ officially through our “frankfurt of the month” competition.

Where in your storytelling regiment do you think user-generated content fits best? Are there channels you believe benefit more from earned content than others?

We utilize earned content across every aspect of our digital brand from social to our website, in order to tell a consistent story and show new consumers that the people who use the product really are the heart and soul of frank body.

Date night done right. #thefrankeffect via @abbey_wise ?

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How does frank body work to engage millennials? Has the brand started to address Gen-Z with specific strategies?

We never use the language millennials or Gen Z in our internal communications, but we have essentially been targeting them since the day we started, due to the nature of our marketing plan and utilizing Instagram, and now Snap Inc., where many of these types of consumers are most prevalent.

How do you see the role of beauty changing in broader society? What values do you aim for to align with your audience?

To us, every body is a babe. It’s that simple.

Any particular memorable or favorite story from your customer community?

We could never pick a favourite. We love seeing all our babes being natural, cheeky and having fun with frank in the bathroom and never taking skincare too seriously.

What aren’t you currently doing with content that you want to be doing?

We’re trying to move towards more live content, which isn’t always as easy as it sounds due to the busy nature of our days.

Thanks for chatting with us, Jess! To learn more about frank body’s products and to see how the brand takes authenticity to the next level with earned content, visit its website, which features some beloved frankfurts’ best user-generated content on the homepage.

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