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How visual content helps brands cut through advertising noise.

In an age where consumers turn to social media for inspiration and even to make purchases directly, user-generated content (UGC) and short-form video have transformed from awareness tools to replace stock photography and studio shot creative to drive higher engagement and real action. According to research by World Media Group, 80% of marketing professionals worldwide expect content-led campaigns to grow over the next two years and only 2% of respondents said they expect a decline. Using UGC and short-form video in ads on social platforms and across digital channels can help your creative stand out in a busy sea of messages. Salesforce found that digital ads with UGC generate 5x greater click-through-rates.

Olapic customers succeed with visual content.

At Olapic, we’re excited about the opportunity space we see for social commerce – with an increase of brands transforming visual content into ads themselves, and we’re seeing a similar social revolution around video. Olapic brands using our short-form video solution see 50% lower CPM, 20x higher volume of content and up to 90% lower cost per asset. According to eMarketer, social video ads will make up one-third of all US digital video ad spending this year.

We’ve also witnessed similar successes with testing UGC against brand imagery in ads: an Olapic customer in the luxury vertical put UGC against brand content in ads and UGC and saw over 30% lower cost per click, between 60% – 100% increase in CTR and a higher average relevance score from 4 to 8. Another Olapic customer saw similar success when using UGC in Facebook ads and UGC received 68% more engagement and 1.5X better CTR than brand content.

olapic's visual content platform helps brands

Deploy your best performing content to your Facebook and Instagram ads.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world with 2.44 billion monthly active users. Its ad solution, that has been up and running since 2007, has become a marketing must-have for businesses across the globe. It’s considered one of the top advertising channels online, and the digital ad spend accounts for more than half of the total advertising spend in the US.

With Olapic’s integration into Facebook Ads Manager (FAM), you can seamlessly select your best performing user-generated content, influencer-created content, brand assets and short-form videos from our platform and send it to your Facebook Business Manager account to use them in ads across Facebook, Instagram, and more.

With this new integration between our platforms, you can seamlessly transfer media from one platform to another – in almost no time at all! 

Interested to learn more about our FAM integration?

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