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Influencer marketing in a time of crisis: how to respond.

With 95% of global consumers reporting they’re spending more time on in-home media consumption and activities due to Coronavirus quarantine measures, there’s a massive captive audience looking for information, connection and entertainment online and especially on social media (44% of people report spending more time on social media now). But such unstable times call for a careful approach to marketing and content offerings. 

As an influencer or a brand working with influencers, how do you offer your audiences relevant content and the connection that they so crave while being mindful and respectful? 

Use your platform to spread positivity.

Influencer and designer Chiara Ferragni shared that she and her husband have raised over $4.36 million to help fund the construction of a new ICU at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Italy which will be completed in two weeks.

Celebrities and influencers have banded together to create the “Do Your Part” challenge in which they post to Instagram asking fans to share stories of hard times they’re facing because of coronavirus through DMs. After reading the stories, the influencer picks a handful at random and sends the fans what they need and then nominates other celebrities or influencers who may be able to help out.

Show off content for home.

Instead of leveraging influencers to push products, now is a time to focus on tips for all things home: whether setting up workspaces, sharing recipes or even workouts. Influencers can show off their individual style and spaces and even pose questions to their audiences to drive engagement.

MADE.COM, designer furniture company based in the UK, has been sharing influencer’s work from home setup and recently shared a guide from an influencer partner with tips for taking better photos at home, with a call for followers to share images of their own homes. 

Footwear and apparel company, Reebok, created a hashtag, #PermissiontoPause where they’re sharing home workouts from brand ambassadors and influencers in a gallery on their website and looking for submissions to keep the content fresh.

Go Live.

Instagram shared an infographic with tips for using the Live feature to foster connection. 

Encourage connection.

While live streams and virtual connections can only go so far, this pandemic and the resulting social distancing measures have created space for influencers to get creative and intimate with their audiences. Whether it’s sharing a live concert or cooking tutorial from home, or offering informative Q&A sessions, it’s an opportune time for interactivity and connection. We’ll continue to share examples here and on our @Olapic Instagram account of ways we’re working to stay connected with each other as well as inspiration that we’re seeing from our diverse portfolio of brand communities. 

If you have any questions, or would like to chat through any marketing recommendations or suggestions at this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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