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Innovating Social Commerce with Pinterest Shop the Look

Modern consumers are seeking inspiration from a myriad of sources, and are willing to make purchases at any point throughout the buying cycle – throwing predictable buying patterns out the window. Empowered by mobile devices, consumers are able to conduct product research on-the-go, and expect frictionless buying experiences with brands. Think, for a moment, from the perspective of a customer. If you see a picture of something of interest, whether it is a perfect pair of shoes for an upcoming birthday celebration, or an ivory patterned rug for the living room, it can be extremely frustrating to have to spend time searching where and how to actually buy the item.

For hundreds of millions of users, much of this discovery and inspiration happens on social media platforms, notably on Pinterest. At the end of 2015, the platform introduced a way to pinpoint different items inside a Pin, so if users see a home decor Pin, for example, they can pinpoint design elements they admire—a rug, sofa, lamp, table—and discover related ideas from there. Recently, Pinterest took the functionality to a new level, announcing the launch of Shop the Look, one of three visual discovery tools released by the brand. Shop the Look is a feature designed to help people go from visual discovery to purchase directly at the moment of inspiration.

Here’s how it works:

With Shop the Look, consumers can track down and even buy specific products they find inside Pins – in an instant. A user can simply tap a circle on each item to find the styles they’re looking for, and when they’re ready to buy, they can move seamlessly to make the transaction. Early tests have shown that users engage with Shop the Look Pins three to four times more than traditional Pins and save them five times more often. Additionally, Shop the Look Pins drive exponential traffic to brands’ websites and interest in their associated products.

As a Pinterest Marketing Partner, Olapic is excited to be part of the launch of Shop the Look. At its core, Olapic innovatively connects social content to commerce, enabling brands to interact with shoppers at all points throughout the purchase journey using relevant visual content. Shop the Look is another opportunity to help brands activate the abundance of lifestyle content already permissioned and tagged to product for purchase on Pinterest. Several of our clients are already participating in the beta, including Timberland.  To get started, click here.

Shortening the Path to Purchase

Smart brands are recognizing the need to shorten the path from inspiration to purchase, as consumers increasingly turn to one another on social platforms for product ideas. In fact, according to Olapic’s Global Consumer Report, 65% of Americans and 57% of Europeans surveyed browse earned user-generated content before they even begin the shopping process. For this reason, we believe that activating user-generated, or “earned,” content in this channel will be particularly impactful for brands. Still, for Pinterest specifically, users seek all forms of content to generate ideas and inspiration.

Pinterest, perhaps more than other social networks, commands the buying attention of consumers throughout the purchase journey, acting as a hybrid search engine and social network. According to research by Millward Brown, 87% of Pinterest users have purchased a product because of Pinterest, while 93% have used the network to plan a future purchase.

As social commerce, and consumer preferences, continue to become more sophisticated, brands must adapt to create more compelling, seamless experiences for their audiences. At Olapic, we’re honored to help lead this kind of innovation on behalf of our clients, partners, and the broader visual marketing industry.

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