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Inside Olapic: A Conversation with Jason Viglione

Welcome Inside Olapic, our bi-weekly employee interview series where we chat with individual members of our global team to provide insight into their role, interests, and passions.

At Olapic we pride ourselves on leading the charge for the Earned Content industry, but we know that it’s the people of Olapic to which we can truly attribute our success.

If there is one thing that the people in Olapic have in common it’s our core values: courage, collaboration, awareness, and performance. We hope you’ll agree that these characteristics are present in every OlaPeep you “meet.”

Now, without further ado, meet an integral person at Olapic, also responsible for making our clients happy, the wonderful Jason Viglione.

jason v

Role: Associate Director, Global Technical Support

Olapic Office: NYC

Hometown: Whippany, NJ

Time at Olapic: 523 days as of 10/14 or just about 1 year of 5 months


What do you like most about your current role?

Customers come to my team amidst problems and frustration, and we make sure they leave happy.

What’s a superpower someone in your role or team must possess in order to succeed?

You have to be a detective. The tiniest bug can create huge issues. My team has to follow things that seem illogical to find a logical conclusion.

What is your favorite thing about the culture at Olapic?

When you look around the office, everyone really wants to work here.

What’s one bold prediction for the future of our industry?

UGC becomes immersive via Virtual Reality. Rather than consuming content as a watcher, we can use VR to be a part of the experience of the author.

In your opinion, what brand is doing a great job of using UGC?

My go-to is always giggle. They are a constant feed of happy babies. Who doesn’t love happy babies?

Milk first, talk later. #Mondays #comotomo #cute #healthyhappybaby Photo creds to @juliennelasker

A photo posted by giggle (@healthyhappybaby) on

What Emoji best describes you?

Of all the images I could choose represent me, a family is, by far, the best. Anyone who knows me, knows they come first in everything I do. Also, the poop emoji makes me laugh uncontrollably like a 5-year old (so we must include: ?)

What’s your favorite quote?

“The secret of success is constancy of purpose.” Benjamin Disraeli

What’re you watching most at the moment (TV or Movie)?

Grey’s Anatomy. Because my wife said so.

jason v 2

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do?

Spend every waking moment with Linda and #NickyT.

jason v

What was your best/worst idea ever?

Probably enlisting. Saved my life, but being in the military was so incredibly hard, every day.

What does an ideal weekend look like to you?

Big #eatlikevig breakfast. An afternoon with my wife and playing with the little guy. Movie time at home. Cooking Italian (w/ vino, of course).

jason v

Tell us something we don’t know about you?

I make red wine with my father and brother.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Pretend my dSLR and lenses do more than collect dust. Until recently, I’d been doing semi-pro photography for about 11 years.

What’s your go-to karaoke song to sing?

Nobody wants to hear that.

What’s your favorite Instagram account to follow?

Ummmm… mine? Just kidding. Actually, @kidsaretheworst is very funny.