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Inside Olapic: A Conversation with Jeanette Freed

Welcome to the latest Inside Olapic, our employee interview series where we talk to individual members of our global team to learn more about their role, hobbies, and life outside of work.

Our core values are: Courage, collaboration, awareness, and performance, and we suspect you’ll find these qualities present in each of the OlaPeeps you “meet.”

Read on below to get to know a long-time and integral member of our global team: Jeanette Freed


Role: Director of Finance

Olapic Office: New York City HQ

Hometown: Plainview, NY (atypical Long Island girl)

Time at Olapic: Just hit 3 years in October!

What do you like most about your current role?

Having the ability to work with such diverse and talented people within teams across Olapic. I interact with almost everyone in one way or another through my role and I love that. Oh and spreadsheets – I love spreadsheets.

What’s one superpower someone in your role or team must possess in order to succeed?

I would have to say it’s a combination of lightning speed and x-ray vision; kind of like Superman. You need to have a keen attention to detail and the ability to meet deadlines with quick turnaround. Being able to fly would be pretty cool also, I definitely wouldn’t miss my commute.



What is your favorite thing about the culture at Olapic?

The fact that we all genuinely like to be around one another. Our events always have a good turnout and people tend to stay longer just to hang out with the Olapic crew. I have close friendships that I intend to keep for the long-term and feel really fortunate to have a wonderful work family.



What Emoji best describes you?

The annoyed one. jeanette-freed-3

What’s your favorite quote?

Have a new one these days:

“When they go low, you go high.”


If you won the lottery, what would you do?

Not tell anyone. Start a non-profit. Change the world. Pay off the mortgages and student loans of all my close family and friends. Vacations. Lots of vacations.

Favorite throwback song?

That might be the toughest question on here. I’ll always throw it back to Pinkerton by Weezer (90’s child).



What was the last book you read?

The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman

What does an ideal weekend look like to you?

I love being outside in the summer. A day at the beach, maybe dinner and drinks outside. An outdoor concert. A fun day with my mini partner in crime.



What’re you watching most at the moment?

Bloodline on Netflix. It’s addicting. And Westworld!



Tell us something we don’t know about you?

I can play classical violin (although I’m a bit rusty now).

Advice for people who want to work at Olapic?

The culture is just as important as the work: Make sure you really want to be here, because we all do 🙂

Who would you like to have dinner with, dead or alive, and why?

David Bowie. Because, he’s David Bowie.


What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Dancing in the Dark – Bruce Springsteen.

Your favorite Instagram account to follow and why?

Aside from certain friends, I like @thefatjewish. Oh, and I love the @joebamabromance (Obama and Biden memes).



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