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Inside Olapic: A Conversation with Rebecca Cianci

At Olapic, we pride ourselves on our industry-leading technology, which helps brands curate, activate, and analyze their user-generated, or “earned” content. While our platform is impressive, like most organizations, our real strength is the quality of our people. To shine a light on these various individuals, from different disciplines and global regions, we’re introducing a new series, entitled Inside Olapic. In each iteration, we will pick an Olapic colleague we admire and ask them questions about their professional insights and personal interests. From our account management, sales, marketing, engineering, and support teams, we imagine that you’ll find a few traits in common: courage, collaboration, awareness, & performance. These are our core values and hope that you’ll see them reflected in every OlaPeep you meet. (We think we’re pretty fun too!)

Without further ado, meet our first OlaPerson: Rebecca Cianci.

Cianci 2

Role: Sales Executive

Office Location: New York City, HQ

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

Time at Olapic: Almost 2 years

What do you like most about your current role?

Each salesperson has a different style, whether it be how we lead meetings, speak to prospects, etc. I love that in my current role, we have freedom and are encouraged to apply our own style and personality to our work. This allows my team to showcase their own strengths, while still balancing the expectations and what needs to be done in order to succeed at our jobs.

What’s one superpower someone in your role or team must possess in order to succeed?

The ability to read people (though if it were a real superpower, it would be: reading minds). To succeed, salespeople need to be able to read a person well and understand individual communications styles, so we can then tailor our pitches and discussions to meet a prospect where they are in their journey.

What’s one bold prediction for the future of our industry/Earned Content?

The amount of user-generated content (UGC) being created today is so overwhelming that some brands struggle to keep up with the influx (one of the many reasons they come to Olapic). My prediction is that this increased supply will challenge content creators to prioritize quality over quantity. Users that want their images or videos used by brands, or considered in media or for any other third-party usage, will need to amp up their efforts. Creators will become more talented, and brands will become more selective. The concept of supply and demand applies to content like it does to other markets.

Why do brands succeed with #EarnedContent?

The brands who succeed are the ones who can make a consumer look at a piece of content and say with confidence, “I identify with this.” Whether it’s because a person in an image resembles the consumer, the product is part of their daily regimen, or they can see themselves wearing a particular outfit – UGC that personifies an audience segment will lead to success. It’s the brands’ responsibility to curate and deploy UGC that inspires the consumers they are targeting, while also giving the assurance to their current customers that their products (or lifestyle) are made for them specifically; not for the masses.

Now for a couple of fun questions…

Your favorite throwback song?

Backstreet’s Back (Everybody) by the Backstreet Boys. You say throwback…but to be fair, Backstreet never left, so how can they be back??


What’s your favorite Insta account to follow?

@thegoodquote. Sometimes we all just need that extra motivation and inspiration.

What emoji best describes you?

? (The Purple Heart Emoji). My sister and I have an inside joke from a long time ago where we say “Purple Heart Emoji” every time we sign off on FaceTime/talking on the phone. It’s an obvious sign of love and affection, and purple is also my all-time favorite color. I’m also an NYU grad (go violets!) and my favorite flower is in fact, the violet. Fitting, right?!  

Your favorite life motto or quote?

Have to quote a classic here: “You had me at hello.” It’s such a significant moment in Jerry Maguire (AND in 90s classics history). Still to this day, hearing it makes me smile!

If you could be any animal what animal would you be?

A dolphin, without a doubt. Dolphins, just like me, value their family (pods) above all else and never leave their sides, even in times of distress. They also are incredibly intelligent and majestic, and like to show off now and then 😉

If you didn’t work at Olapic, what would you be doing?

I am a former elite competitive figure skater and for years, especially as a young girl, I dreamed of one day going to the Olympics. A series of injuries prevented me from training at the level required, but despite these challenges, I found that I still had a passion for being on the ice. Because I didn’t want my love for ice skating to go to waste, I started to volunteer, and then ended up training professionally to become a figure skating instructor. I found so much joy and satisfaction in sharing my talent and helping young girls follow their dreams to reach their highest goals in this sport. If I were not at Olapic, I would love to become a coach and instructor for competitive skaters as well as for organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club or the Special Olympics.

Cianci 1

Thanks for chatting with us Rebecca!

Stay tuned for more bi-weekly interviews with some OlaPeople to learn more about who and what makes Olapic a great place to work!

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