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Instagram Celebrates 4 Years with Global Meetup

Monday marks four years since Instagram went live. In the interim the photo-sharing app amassed 200 million users and was acquired by Facebook for a cool billion.

The Blog spoke with Pau Sabria, Olapic’s CEO, and an early adopter of Instagram, to get his thoughts on the photo-sharing app’s influence on the way we communicate.

“I think Instagram capitalized on the needs humans have for visuals, and enabled any person to take very good photos.  We look forward to watching Instagram evolve further, especially where  brands are concerned; they can learn more about how their customers use their products and share inspiration with their communities.”

To celebrate the occasion Instagram scheduled one of its popular InstaMeets, the purpose of which is to facilitate large-scale gatherings of users around the globe. They then share photos from their respective gatherings to Instagram with a universal hashtag, #WWIM10. According to Instagram 30,000 photos were shared under that hashtag on Saturday alone. Below we’ve pulled some of the more inspiring photos we could find. For even more on the event check out the Instagram blog.


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