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Marrying Creativity & Data for Successful Fashion Retailing

The last bits of Halloween candy are disappearing, holiday tunes are starting to fill the airwaves, and the ubiquitous red Starbucks cups are back in the hands of billions. This could only mean one thing: the biggest shopping season is officially around the corner. Retailer marketers everywhere are doing all they can to maximize traffic online and in store to close out the year on a high note, all while planning for 2017.

The past few years have been transformative for fashion retailers, with emerging commerce channels, new tools and technologies designed to create hyper-personalized shopping experiences, and an avalanche of data.  Not to mention that modern consumers are more empowered, knowledgeable, and connected than ever before.  

In order to provide digital fashion retailers with valuable methods to enhance customer engagement, retention, and loyalty, Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Consumer Insights team released its  2016 Fashion Shopping Focus report, delving into the trends, benchmarks, and practices of the industry’s leading retailers. One key finding emphasizes the need for retailers to balance the art and science of fashion retailing, noting that, “Digital provides a powerful canvas on which to express a brand story and meticulously merchandise an entire assortment of products. These ‘artistic’ elements have been joined by data and intelligence initiatives to outfit fashion retailers with a new look.”

Additionally featured in the report is global accessories brand and Olapic customer, Dogeared, who successfully fuses creativity and data to create an inspirational and effective shopping experience for customers. By featuring inspired and engaging user-generated content throughout their website, Dogeared gives women a unique view into how others experience its  jewelry. The brand also leverages the engagement and revenue data from each photo to regularly optimize its website with relevant customer content to drive performance and sales.    

“For Dogeared, earned content is both a way for the brand to fully embody its vision of authenticity and connection with the customer while improving conversion and lifetime value simultaneously,” Giovanna Alfieri, Director of Content & Marketing, Dogeared.

To learn more about the art and science of fashion retailing, access digital commerce benchmarks across the industry, and see how more fashion brands are innovating commerce experiences, download Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s 2016 Fashion Shopping Focus report. Olapic is a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Premier Technology Link Partner. To get more information about our integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, click here.

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