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Microsoft Brings a Creative Approach to its New Instagram Account

Microsoft has finally signed up for Instagram, and its not taking the new content creation role lightly. Foregoing the self-referential material many brands opt for, the company has instead hired a (very lucky) photographer named Juston Bastien to travel the world documenting people “who embody Microsoft’s mission to reinvent productivity.”

The Washington-based software giant is sticking close to home to start. Laila Ghambari, a barista in Seattle, is the first to appear on the page, with  Ben Starnes, a Seattle-based thoracic surgeon who uses 3D printing technology for operations, on deck.

Microsoft pic 3

 “Laila and Ben couldn’t have more different professions,” says Rob Wolf, the senior communications manager at Microsoft responsible for the Microsoft Instagram channel. “But both are pushing the boundaries of their craft and redefining what is possible. That is the spirit we aim to celebrate with our Instagram channel.”

The Instagram account is the newest channel to be added to Microsoft’s social media  “community,” which consists of some 100 million people across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 

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