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How NYX Cosmetics Turned Digital Loyalty into In-Store Engagement

Love contours all is one of the many fun phrases on display at NYX Cosmetics’ latest flagship store that incites customers’ enthusiasm and draws people into its new Union Square, New York City location. The store opened a little over a month ago and proved, once again, how much NYX values bringing the digital world into its in-store experience.

The iconic beauty brand has long been an early adopter of technology to personalize its stores and integrate digital elements that bring its customer experience to life. This is an imperative given that the beauty industry has been particularly affected by the shift in modern consumers, who now crave more personalized experiences. With a “selfie wall” encouraging customers to share photos, the ability for users to scan products and see related UGC product images, to a transforming tablet “chandelier” filled with dynamic customer content — NYX knows how to make its fans feel special.


After the NYC store’s grand opening, we interviewed Bernice Merlini, NYX’s E-commerce Marketing Manager, to learn more about her perspectives on digital marketing and the future of the beauty industry. Take a look at her thoughts below!

Which consumer trends do you see driving the next few years in digital marketing? Are there any trends you’ve noticed that have surprised you?

Personalization! As the marketplace continues to be more competitive, customers are going to look for shopping experiences that are specifically catered to their needs and interests. The beauty purchase experience is an especially personal one, and we want our customers and fans to feel like we thoroughly understand what they are looking for and highlight how our products best fit in with their lifestyle.    

NYX Cosmetics has done an incredible job of using consumer content to enhance the in-store experience. How do you go about creating a consistent and personalized experience on-and-offline?

All of our initiatives, regardless of channel, are anchored in NYX Professional Makeup’s brand message and identity. Our dedication to our fans in the beauty community serves as a unifying inspiration in how we present a cohesive message—both in-store and online.

What are a few ways in which brands can get started to better involve their consumers in marketing programs?

There’s nothing we value more than feedback from our customer and fan-base! We are always listening to our customers, from product feedback, to shipping concerns, to what the new “it” palette should be.

How does NYX work to engage millennials? Has the brand started to address Gen-Z with specific strategies?

NYX Professional Makeup has always resonated with the millennial market—the combination of our affordable price-point and on-trend products make it a natural fit with that age group. Our use of UGC on the site taps into the artistry of this “selfie generation” and has been a cornerstone of our marketing strategy.

How do you see the role of beauty changing in broader society? What values do you aim for to align with your audience?

I’m seeing two different directions of beauty: in one direction there’s natural beauty, with an emphasis on a lit-from-within glowy skin. And then there’s a whole generation of women (and men!) that are at-home experts on makeup application and that can contour with as much finesse as a professional makeup artist. Ultimately, we want NYX Professional Makeup to resonate with all beauty fans; we are a brand that offers such a wide breadth of products, so we know we have a place on all makeup shelves.

NYX Cosmetics, through its marketing strategy, has exemplified its ability to evolve along with its consumers and reimagine the way its customers shop for makeup both digitally and in-store. With a diverse set of products, a focus on its loyal fans’ content, and the prioritization of a multi-channel customer experience, the brand has been able to increase engagement and convert customers through its dedication to authenticity. To learn more about NYX Cosmetics’ Earned Content strategy and partnership with Olapic, check out our case study.

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