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Olapic chosen by Walmart as trusted visual content provider

Olapic has been selected by Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, to help its brands push user-generated and influencer-generated content to product pages on This is part of the Connected Content Partner Program and a broad initiative to bring consumer and editorial content to PDPs.

Syndication helps extend the brand experience

Today’s buying journey is no longer linear, with consumers seeking and finding product inspiration from a wide array of sources, including digital ads, influencers, and peers on social media. To succeed in this new normal, brands need to develop frictionless purchase experiences, and provide relevant content across touchpoints.

Content syndication is the process of republishing and reusing content across marketing channels. For brands selling on, syndicating content can be a simple way to drive additional value from user-generated, influencer-created, and brand-owned content by putting it at the point of purchase, thus providing a connected content experience across channels.

Syndicated content can help in several ways, including:

  • Demonstrating how a product might fit into a consumer’s lifestyle
  • Improving product discovery at the point of purchase
  • Enhancing consumer confidence in a purchase decision
  • Expanding the value of content and increasing likelihood of consumer recall
  • Decreasing the content decay curve
  • Driving more conversions and increasing AOV

Through the Connected Content Partner Program, Olapic helps brands to match and push product-tagged content to corresponding third-party product pages, leveraging the massive audience of and providing a more cohesive, valuable experience than either a brand or the platform could provide on their own. Through this exclusive partnership with Walmart, we help sellers scale content, lower content production costs, and increase ecommerce sales on the world’s largest retailer’s site.

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Interested to learn more? Visit our partner page or read the press release.

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