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Olapic, Monotype, and the Future of Brand Expression

It has been an exciting year at Olapic.

In March, we announced our acquisition of Piqora, allowing us to integrate Instagram and Pinterest scheduling, enhanced analytics and reporting tools, and the shoppable Instagram solution Tapshop. Last month, we re-launched our brand, including a new logo, an updated website, and most importantly a renewed focus on the role of earned content and the opportunity it represents for brands.

Yesterday, we took another enormous step toward our vision, announcing that Olapic has entered into an agreement to be acquired by a Boston-headquartered company called Monotype, one of the world’s best-known providers of type-related products, technologies, and expertise. Speaking on behalf of my co-founders, as well as our partners, clients, and colleagues around the world, we couldn’t be more excited.

Who is Monotype?

This is the first question likely running through the minds of any Olapic stakeholders. When we began discussing this opportunity, it was a question we had as well. You can read the details in the official press release, but their value to our business (and our value to theirs) became evident as our conversations continued to progress in the past several months. While historically known for being a leader in “type”, the company has spent the last several years transforming the business as their customers have asked them to do more. Brands are increasingly turning to Monotype looking for holistic solutions that help them reach their customers across the fast expanding digital landscape.

Monotype offers a wide variety of branding and marketing assets including fonts, branded emojis and branded keyboards, the latter two of which came from Monotype’s acquisition of Swyft Media. Swyft offers a mobile engagement platform that gives advertisers and brands an opportunity to use branded ad units like emoji, digital stickers, GIFs, photo frames, photo filters, chat and video to reach and engage millennials and young consumers in the places they spend the most time – mobile apps.

Recognizing the increasing opportunity to help brands engage with consumers in new ways –– Monotype rolled out a new vision statement earlier this year. One that aligns with what they believe they can do to help brands take advantage of the new opportunities in digital. Their vision is to: empower expression and engagement. One of the key strategic pathways the company identified in order to reach that vision is the creation of a “brand engagement platform.”

And that’s where we come in…

Why does this make sense for us?

Monotype leadership believed in Olapic’s technology from the first conversation, and their intention is to further invest in and expand upon Olapic’s innovative technology platform, enabling Olapic to innovate and scale much faster than we could have independently, and serve our clients more efficiently and effectively on a global level.

But more importantly than the technology or the value-add for our collective clients, Monotype believed in the people of Olapic. And that is what ultimately convinced us that now was the right time for this deal, and that we had found the right partner to move forward with. Since our inception, Olapic has always been a family, and my co-founders and I realize we would not have gotten this far without the incredible teams that stood beside us, creating innovative technologies, solving complex client issues, and taking care of the needs of the organization. The real value in this acquisition is the people. Which is why my co-founders and I, along with the entire Olapic leadership team, will be staying on to continue to grow the business we feel so passionately about. Now, we are simply better equipped to achieve our vision more effectively.

In an email that Monotype President and CEO Scott Landers sent to staff this morning, he shared the following quote:

“The task of the leader is to get their people from where they are to where they have not been.” – Henry Kissinger

For Olapic, and Monotype, this is a continued movement toward that goal. We look forward to the next phase of our journey, together, in bringing our clients, partners, and colleagues from where they are now to where they have not been.