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Olapic x Percolate: Reaching Customers with the Right Content

Between 2011 and 2017 the martech landscape exploded, growing from 150 companies to nearly 5,000 by this year according to MarTech’s Marketing Technology Landscape. This landscape is broken down into 6 categories and 49 subcategories—a lot to manage by anyone’s standard.

And, with this swell of technology comes with the very real challenge of how marketers build, manage, and coordinate an effective marketing stack. Recently, Conductor took a look at how many technologies are in the average martech stack. Results showed 38 percent of those polled have approximately six to 10, while 24 percent have 10-20 martech providers. Among these technologies is the critical category of Content & Experience, covering at least 10 subcategories—from personalization, to mobile apps, content platforms, and more.

At Olapic, we work with a number of the world’s top brands to help them get, use, and understand user-, influencer-, and brand-generated content. In order for the distinct, yet interconnected, teams at brands to activate all of this content at scale, they must adopt the right set of technologies—ones that work together seamlessly to streamline internal processes, but more importantly, deliver more impactful experiences for their customers.

To aid brands in this effort and to address an ever-changing marketing landscape, we have developed a robust partnership network. One of our newly integrated partners, Percolate, provides end-to-end content marketing software and digital asset management to some of the world’s largest brands. Brands including Unilever, Timberland, and L’Oreal rely on their technology to plan, create, manage, and execute all of their marketing activities in one central place. And now, through an app integration, mutual Percolate and Olapic customers can also access the user-generated content that they’ve collected and curated through Olapic, directly within the Percolate platform—making it easier to incorporate it into any marketing campaign or message. Together, Olapic and Percolate enable modern marketers to cut through the noise and identify with consumers at an individual level.

Whether searching for a photo to support a seasonal product campaign or seeking lifestyle content with specific elements to use in a social post, any user within the Percolate platform can now access a broader library of photos – their Olapic library – and search by product, metadata, hashtags, or captions. This helps marketers surface the most applicable visual assets for their message and delight their consumers with fresh and authentic content.  

“By connecting Olapic and Percolate  two of the primary content marketing technologies used within Timberland, we are able to centralize and easily manage all of our visual content across multiple teams,” said Frank Hwang, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing & Paid Media at Timberland. He continued,

“With the UGC we collect through Olapic available within Percolate, all of the teams using the platform can tap into a broader library of content to deliver the most relevant and authentic messages to our consumers. When our marketing technologies are integrated, it increases efficiency in collaboration and streamlines workflows internally. This allows us to execute smarter, more consistent programs that reinforce our brand narrative.”

Our partnership provides marketers with a broad library of visual assets to better activate content that will resonate with their target audiences across all touchpoints. Through streamlining asset management and content deployment, brands can now create more impactful marketing experiences for their customers.

Today’s consumers want consistency across the entire marketing experience, including on traditional channels, websites, and emerging channels such as Instagram Stories. To succeed, brands require content, technology, and expertise. With this partnership, we’re excited to help brands increase both customer engagement and revenue.

What is your brand doing to make the most of its technology investments and integrations to build better experiences for your customers? To learn more about our partnership with Percolate and request a demo, click here.

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