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Olapic’s 2019 holiday marketing strategy guide.

Implementing UGC, IGC & Short-form Video to make the most of your holiday campaigns.

Holiday shopping has taken a new form in the past few years in large part due to the surge of online and mobile shopping. Perhaps unsurprisingly, trends show people heavily rely on their smartphones to conduct research and make purchases. According to Google’s 2019 Holiday Retail Playbook, in 2018 for the first time ever, 56% of holiday shopping occurred online and 61% of holiday shopping took place on mobile. This year, Deloitte predicts that online sales will grow in the range of 14%-18% over 2018. As a result, competition for attention on mobile and social platforms is fierce. Chances are, refreshing the content you used last year might not have the same edge this year, particularly if you’re delivering it to the same audience.

This year, short-form video, user- and influencer-generated content are all proven ways to differentiate successful campaigns from lackluster ones. Why? Attention spans are shorter and consumers are inundated with and wary of traditional marketing and advertising messages. And the good news is: these types of content are all easier to produce and source than traditional creative. Let’s start by taking a look at short-form video.

Why Short-Form Video Should Be a Part of Your Holiday Campaign.

The benefit of using short-form video over longer video formats in your holiday campaigns is twofold: it’s much easier to create, and doesn’t overestimate the attention span of your viewer. Research by Millward Brown Digital and Tremor Video determined that 10-second videos are more appealing and persuasive with younger audiences, compared to longer videos.

Short-form video is a premium asset for social media, email, and websites, presenting snippets of high-quality visuals, with or without text and graphics. This means you don’t have to rethink your whole creative strategy – you can use what you’ve got – and even A/B test that content in short form, and adjust as necessary.

According to research by Vidyard, more than half of marketers (59%) say that video converts better than other forms of content, so it’s hard to justify not using it in your holiday campaigns.

Beat the Content Crunch with User-Generated Content.

Worried about how many studio shoots stand in between you and having a content repository big enough to stay on-theme? Don’t be. Crafting a holiday-themed hashtag and asking users to @mention your brand on social media can help inspire your digital community to create high-quality user-generated content (UGC) that can be utilized across all elements of your campaigns. The more content that is shared, the more related users will participate, which will expand the overall effectiveness of the campaign.


Today’s consumers have a refined sense of what’s authentic, and feel that brand-driven messages are less trustworthy than messages from other consumers or influencers. UGC works because it’s relatable and comes from a credible source. In Olapic’s latest consumer research, The Role Of Visual Content In Today’s Buyer Journey, this sentiment came through strongly.

Drive Reach and Build Trust with Influencers.

Still not getting the holiday content that you’re looking for? Consider executing an influencer marketing strategy to help seed holiday content and broaden reach during the season. There is a seemingly endless supply of influencers available, depending on the industry and audience you are targeting. Many of these influencers may also happen to be your customers, or potential customers, who have cultivated large followings that fit your target profiles. By tapping into high-quality influencer-generated content (IGC), you can show off your products more authentically, in ways that your audience will relate to.

Influencers can dramatically increase your holiday campaign’s reach, and quickly. By incorporating them in the lead up to the holidays, you’ll catch consumers with teasers while they’re still in research mode.

Keep Audiences Regularly Engaged.

Your campaign launch reveals to audiences all the great discounts, offers, and special products you have this holiday season, and if you’ve done a good job creating a buzz, you should see results instantly.

But it’s important to look beyond big marquee holidays. According to the National Retail Federation, this year, more than two-thirds (68%) of holiday shoppers plan to continue shopping after December 25. To keep momentum going throughout December and into January, be sure to refresh your creative throughout the season, creating custom messaging for each segment. For example, you may want to give special discount codes to loyal customers, or offer a free gift to first-time customers.

The myriad of ways in which short-form video, IGC and UGC can enhance your broader marketing strategy can’t be fully realized until you use it, so get in touch with us today to discuss your needs for this holiday season and how we can help.

Want more? Download the full guide for implementing visual content in your holiday campaigns here

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