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Olapic’s take on the key sessions not to miss at ShopTalk 2020.

Following the rapid escalation of the Covid-19 outbreak around the world and in the United States, Shoptalk has been rescheduled to September 14-17, 2020.  See you in the fall!

In September, nearly 10,000 people who represent the world’s top retail brands and technologies will land in Las Vegas for the fifth annual ShopTalk event. With an all-female speaker agenda focused on the bleeding edge (tracks include: The New Retail Organization, Innovations in Marketing, The New Normal and Emerging Technology, Personalization, Social Marketing and Commerce, and more) ShopTalk is poised to present powerful insights and provide inspiration for anyone who touches the retail space.

At Olapic, we’re particularly interested in anything that relates to visual content – whether that be user-generated, influencer-generated or short-form video – but that’s not all. Last year we witnessed key themes around voice and audio’s emerging role in marketing, computer vision, a new era of customer-centricity and of course, influencer marketing. This year, we’re excited to see the ShopTalk agenda center around many of the same key themes we explored in our Top visual marketing trends report and to see some of our customers on stage dishing out insights. Here are some of the sessions we’re looking forward to: 

Track: The Transformation of Physical Retail

Session: Deconstructing Experiential Retail

Speakers: Krystina Gustafson, VP, Co-Head of Speakers & Agenda, Shoptalk, Suzanne Jones, VP, The Hershey Experience, The Hershey Company

Description: “Experiential retail” has been in vogue for several years. It’s become the catchall phrase to describe everything from in-store entertainment such as movies or wine bars, to new product testing features like rain shower sinks that allow shoppers to try out hand soaps. Yet not all experiential retail has the same goal–some experiences aim to provide shoppers greater functionality, often enabling them to test out products, while others offer pure entertainment. In this Shoptalk Original Content presentation, we’ll break down the different types of experiential retail and provide a framework for evaluating them. We’ll also hear from a leading brand at the forefront of experiential retail.

Date: Monday March 23rd

Track: New Retail Experiences

Session: Blending Physical and Digital Retail

Speakers: Joon Silverstein, SVP Global Digital & Customer Experience, Coach; Lisa Greenwald, Chief Merchandising Officer, J.Crew; Chris Rupp, EVP & Chief Customer & Digital Officer, Albertsons; Neeta Singh, Chief Operating Officer, Activant Capital (Emcee)

Description: Many retailers offer omnichannel customer experiences, yet relatively few blend physical and digital channels seamlessly across their organizations. Ecommerce and retail store teams may interact more regularly, but it’s still rare to find businesses that have fully merged data streams across business units to create a true single view of the customer, for example. In this session, retail leaders will share how they have addressed internal omnichannel challenges and which approaches worked best on their journeys to become fully integrated organizations.

Date: Tuesday March 24th

Track: Social Marketing and Commerce

Session: Case Studies: Using Influencers Effectively

Speakers: Michelle Cordeiro Grant, Founder & CEO, LIVELY; Vanessa Rowed, Head of Marketing, BWS; Karin Tracy, Head of Industry, Retail/Fashion/Luxury, Facebook; Claudia Thieme, Director, Original Content, Shoptalk (Emcee)

Description: Influencers rose to prominence for their ability to leverage their personalities and authenticity to connect marketers with consumers. Recently, however, brands have reassessed the value of influencer deals. Reports of influencers demanding significant payments to promote products they may not actually use have pushed brands to look toward micro- or even nano-influencers instead. This session features companies sharing how they are successfully identifying and working with influencers who deliver measurable results for their brands.

Date: Monday March 23rd

Session: The Future of Social Commerce

Speakers: Brady Stewart, SVP, America’s Digital, Levi Strauss & Co.; Jennifer Goldfarb, Co-Founder & Executive Chairwoman of the Board, IPSY; Kory Marchisotto, Chief Marketing Officer, e.l.f. Beauty; Claudia Thieme, Director, Original Content, Shoptalk (Emcee)

Description: Social commerce has taken off in markets like China, with platforms including WeChat and Pinduoduo expected to rake in more than $300 billion in sales tied to these efforts this year. While social commerce hasn’t yet gained the same level of traction in the US, recent offerings from Instagram, Pinterest and others promise to make it easier for shoppers to discover and purchase products on their platforms. At the same time, innovative startups have built businesses that are designed to seamlessly tie together content-driven commerce and community. In this session, brands and retailers will discuss early learnings from their latest social commerce initiatives, as well as their thoughts on the future of social buying.

Date: Monday March 23rd

Track: Personalization

Session: Delighting Customers through Personal Interactions

Speakers: Katie Echevarria Rosen Kitchens, Co-Founder & Editor in Chief, FabFitFun; Ana Grace, VP of Product Management & Customer Experience, Macy’s; Prama Bhatt, Chief Digital Officer, Ulta Beauty; Hilary Milnes, Features Editor, Vogue Business (Interviewer)

Description: Today’s online shopping experiences are increasingly tailored to each individual—consumers now expect retailers to understand their preferences and buying habits. Increasingly, these expectations are crossing into physical stores as innovative retailers adopt new clienteling and customer service technologies and empower their associates to build meaningful connections with shoppers through personal service. In this session, hear from industry leaders as they discuss how they’re using personalization tactics online and offline to create more relevant, engaging shopping experiences.

Date: Tuesday March 24th

Track: Evolving Customer Relationships

Session: Next Generation Customer Relationships

Speakers: Megan Kohout, VP eCommerce & Customer Analytics, Kendra Scott; Emily Collins, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research (Interviewer)

Description: Companies that strive to be customer-centric must take an active role in assessing their customers’ needs and expectations before they can meet or exceed them. Customer data and analytics are a critical first step. Mobile, social and other platforms provide immediacy and two-way channels that can help facilitate receiving and acting on crucial feedback. CRM platforms help automate reactions to basic customer needs and escalate significant ones. This interactive workshop session will feature retailers and brands discussing tactics they’ve used to build better, richer customer relationships.

Date: Wednesday March 25th

Meet Olapic at ShopTalk.

On top of the impressive agenda, classroom sessions and networking events, we’re also excited to sponsor this year’s event, so please reach out if you’re attending and would like to meet up. 

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