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These “outlaw” Instagrammers live to trespass beautifully

A new creative subculture is staking its claim to NYC’s landscape and Instagram is providing the inspiration.

These “outlaw Instagrammers ” vary in age, but all have the same objective: to document the Big Apple’s idiosyncratic landscape on Instagram.

New York Magazine recently profiled one of their legion, Humza Deas, and in the process revealed a bit about this new class of “urban explorers.” Below are just a few of the interesting tidbits shared.

#subwayseries_nyc by @black_soap

Some of the “outlaws” go by their real name, the 17-year-old Deas for one, while others have adopted personas. A few of the more popular are Last Suspect, Black_soap, Heavy Minds, and 13thwitness (“an unofficial godfather of the scene”).

Instagrammers with more than 10,000 followers join an elite group wherein the last three digits of his or her follower count are replaced with the letter K.

These Instagrammers distinguish themselves from their “urban explorer” predecessors by emphasizing the image. As NY Mag writes: “Urban explorers take photos mainly to document that they’ve been there, while for Deas the image is the whole point.”

The best outlaw Instagrammers have incorporated a trademark theme into their photo streams; Deas’s is posting photos taken from atop bridges.

Thanks to Deas, New York bridge tops have become a popular vantage point from which to capture ostensibly daring photographs.  New York Magazine writes that, “the tops of New York’s bridges have proliferated like selfies” as Deas’s popularity has grown.

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