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Olapic Joins Forces with Salesforce Social Studio

In today’s hyper-saturated digital landscape, it is mission-critical for brands to have the ability to spark authentic connections and conversations with their target audiences—and user-generated content (UGC) is one of a brand’s strongest assets to achieve this goal. Just consider the depth and breadth of branded content that customers have access to on various social platforms. Between the 95 million photos and videos that consumers upload to Instagram every day, and the buzzworthy platform growth (800 million monthly users, up 100 million since April 2017; 500 million daily users, up from 300 million from August 2016), the opportunity for brands to identify, secure, and share available visual assets is significant.

Marketers, already aware of the significance of UGC, are keen on implementing tools—such as Salesforce Social Studio—that allow them to strategically listen to social conversations their consumer are having, analyze trending topics, publish content, and engage in conversations across networks. Olapic’s new partnership with Salesforce Social Studio encourages brands to go a level deeper, utilizing the most relevant product or lifestyle photos in specific messages, while simultaneously streamlining the process by which visual assets are identified and shared via social platforms.

By joining forces with Salesforce Social Studio, Olapic developed an app integration to offer customers easy access to a brand’s most engaging visuals, diversifying the creative used across teams and channels, as well as the ability to publish without ever leaving the Social Studio platform. The app allows marketers to navigate the platform with ease, search their Olapic Media Library, and select and send photos to Social Studio’s composer tool for use in posts across a variety of social platforms.  

As opposed to stock photography, brands can activate UGC in an increasingly native environment, social media, creating more interesting and engaging content. By streamlining the progression of browsing, identifying and posting content with Social Studio, marketers and social media content managers can more effectively craft and customize branded posts across multiple networks.  

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