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Perspectives: Introducing Olapic’s New Knowledge Center

Perspective: noun, per·spec·tive, \pər-ˈspek-tiv\: the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance.

As leaders in the visual marketing space, our team is consistently working to innovate on behalf of our clients. Last year, Olapic unveiled a new brand identity, including a redesigned logo, color palette, and website, signifying our renewed focus on innovation and category leadership. Today, we are very excited to launch the second piece of this redesign, a revamped knowledge center, entitled Perspectives.

Our team has been working on this project for several months, hoping to create a logical, engaging, and seamless content framework for our clients, partners, employees, and other industry leaders. If you navigate through the site, you’ll notice that we have combined the sections previously titled “Blog” and “Resources” into a single content experience. This decision was in-line with our brand promise, as we wanted to create an experience that was content-first, focused on the user’s area of interest rather than on a specific asset type.

We’re calling the combined center, Perspectives, because the content featured there will be largely influenced by our unique vision for earned content, influencer trends, and broader visual marketing.

Additionally, we have upgraded the user experience for Perspectives in a number of other ways, by adding critical functionality such as:

  • Robust Filtering Capacity: Users can self-identify the topic areas of most interest, with filtering options by industry, topic area, and asset type.
  • Recommended & Most Popular Content: Along the right side of the Perspectives homepage, users can view a set of curated content we believe to be most relevant and impactful, as well as the content receiving the most engagement, as determined by our backend analytics.
  • Related Asset Suggestions: When a user engages with a specific piece of content, he or she will be served additionally relevant assets, denoted by an enhanced tagging hierarchy. This curated content journey will help users continue to learn without having to sift through less relevant assets.
  • Author Pages: Want to see more content written by an author? Click on the name, and you’ll be served up a dedicated author page featuring any other assets authored by the same individual. This may sound simple, but different internal experts have varying tones and areas of interest, so it will be a helpful part of navigation.

There are several other enhanced features we’ve baked into Perspectives, so feel free to explore on your own to familiarize yourself with the experience. We believe that this knowledge center is now constructed to optimize the visual marketing education of users from varied disciplines and with unique styles of learning. Still, the user interface is only a delivery mechanism for the content. For Perspectives to realize its full potential, Olapic must also generate a consistent flow of high-quality assets to draw users (like you) back again and again.

We accept this challenge, and throughout the rest of 2017, will be continuing to diversify our content formats, investing in video, audio, research, webinars, and by utilizing our own animation team to generate dynamic creative assets to engage and educate.

Visual marketing has reached an unprecedented complexity, and with continued innovation, brands have an enormous opportunity to create more impactful, personalized experiences that will engage and convert their top audiences. We look forward to helping brands achieve their goals, through a combination of technology, human ingenuity, and dedicated strategy.

This is our perspective, what’s yours?