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Podcast Episode Four: Telling Your Brand’s Story

A few months ago, we announced our first podcast: Your Brand in the Real World. We created the series to feature discussions about the world’s top brands, visual marketing best practices, the power user-generated content in marketing, and more. If you missed our first few episodes you can listen to the first, second, and third here.

Today, we’ve released our fourth episode: Telling Your Brand’s Story.

Listen below as we are joined by Bill Connolly, Olapic’s Director of Content Marketing, as he explores the concept of brand storytelling and shares insights such as:

  • Why a brand’s ‘story’ is important to customers
  • Which brands are successfully using storytelling to connect with their audiences
  • How targeted messaging can enhance the consumer experience
  • How brands can tap into their customers to co-create communities and increase brand evangelism

Listen to the podcast below to understand how improved brand storytelling can lead to increased engagement and conversion. Happy listening!

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Episode on Google Play

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