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Podcast Episode Three: How Bubbleroom Increased Its Instagram Following

A couple weeks ago we announced our first podcast series: Your Brand in the Real World. If you missed either of the episodes you can listen to the first and second here.

Today we introduce our third episode, How Bubbleroom Increased Its Instagram Following by 60,000.

Listen below as we are joined by Ville Kangasmuukko, CEO of Bubbleroom, a popular Swedish retailer, to discuss the brand’s unique approach to customer success. In this episode, we chat Ville to learn how the brand:

  • Manages and leverages a network of ambassadors
  • Utilizes user-generated content to increase conversion rates
  • Combines its digital and in-store innovation for better marketing experiences
  • Increases its Instagram following and engagement significantly

Listen to the podcast below to understand the brand’s marketing methodology and how you can apply some of their tips to your own strategy.  We hope you enjoy!

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