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Product Update: Filter by Follower Count

As any platform user probably knows, there are many releases that happen throughout the year that – while foundational and critical and useful – aren’t the kinds of releases that typically warrant a whole lot of buzz. These releases focus on incremental functionality or platform stability, and generally get lost in release notes.

Normally an added content filtering feature would also be relegated to release documentation purgatory, but this latest release is neat enough to warrant a bit of a spotlight. Last month, our product and tech team released a Sort by Follower Count, and it’s a lot cooler functionality than its name implies (I promise!).

The feature is simple enough: you can now sort media in your media library by the number of followers that the user who created the media has, enabling you to rank high to low (showing media created by handles with the most followers).

While the feature might be simple, the reasoning behind its development is super cool. Our business intelligence analysts live and breathe the data points tracked in our platform, and they saw a very interesting pattern emerge:


The (tasty) pie chart above shows that on average across all media collected over the past quarter, brands approved images 77% more when the users who created the image had more than 194 (Instagram median) followers. The correlation seems to be that users with more followers over the median count tend to produce more brand appropriate, approvable content.  

We could speculate on why this holds true across so many different brands, though common sense tells us that if you have more followers, you most likely take additional care in creating high quality content — and high quality content is what brands are ultimately after. In this case we’ve let the data be our guide in creating this feature, and Sort by Follower Count is a nifty little tool to help you get to your best quality content, faster and easier than before.

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