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Product Update: Collecting from Mentions & Scheduling Content

We’re happy to announce that we just made it easier for you to discover high-quality content on Instagram and more easily share it across your channels. As a result of our partnership with Facebook and Instagram, we now offer the ability to collect content from @ mentions through our Content Engine and automatically post images to Instagram via the Content Scheduler.

Instagram’s recent changes to its API are what opened up the ability for us to build these features. Included in these changes is something that will shift the way all brands collect user and influencer generated content. This is largely in an effort to protect consumer privacy, eliminate spam, and create a safer, cleaner social environment for consumers and brands alike.

The switch to collecting from mentions due to the recent Facebook Graph API release also means that the industry will not be able to ask for rights for content collected from hashtags, locations, or from following users. This is because Instagram believes that @ mentions are a better indication from a user that they’re looking to start a conversation with a brand.

With these changes in mind, we recommend that you start collecting content from mentions, as not to disrupt the way you will leverage user and influencer generated content in the future.

With the industry-wide shift to collecting from mentions, we wanted to make sure that you had the tools available to smoothly transition towards this new standard. This means that we’ll be adding new functionality to these features in the near future that let you do more with your brand’s collected content. 

Stay tuned!

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