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Product Update: New Video Input For Content in Motion

With the proliferation of new content formats, growing consumer expectations for engaging experiences, and the rise of ephemeral channels like Snapchat and Instagram Stories, video is continuing to be at the forefront of successful digital strategies. Given this, consumers will expect more dynamic assets in their feeds as visual platforms continue to evolve and older platforms pivot towards video.

When developing a video strategy, it is important that your approach is flexible and keeps up with ever-changing technologies and burgeoning digital channels. That said, with the lengthy lead times and high costs associated with video production, it can be difficult to successfully test and scale your video strategy to meet the shorter attention spans and growing needs of your audience.

That’s why we’ve expanded Content in Motion beyond transforming static images into dynamic short-form video to also give users the ability to add videos as an input. With this update, you can now incorporate existing longer-form brand videos, like television commercials, to create new purpose-built videos in minutes for organic social posts, ads, and other digital channels.

Example of Content in Motion with video as an input (above)

Moreover, video strategies for social have additional considerations to keep in mind, and Content in Motion supports social video strategy best practices by:

  • Making sure you convey your messaging quickly, with or without audio.
  • Optimizing video for mobile to capture social’s constantly growing mobile user base.
  • Balancing creative complexity with speed to market so you can stay relevant with your target audiences.

By tailoring your videos to specific demographics and channels with Content in Motion, it increases the efficacy of your messaging and connects you with your target audiences. Learn more about Content in Motion, here.

Example of Content in Motion with video as an input (above)
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