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Real Life, Real Impact: Introducing the New Olapic

In 2010, my co-founders and I launched Olapic as the first earned content platform, effectively creating a new category for visual marketing technology to serve consumer brands. Over the past six years, we’ve grown into a global organization, and continued to lead our industry through innovation, strategy, and performance. While I am enormously proud of all that we have achieved together, with a constantly evolving marketplace, we can never afford to rest on our laurels. That’s why today, after many months of dedication across all of our teams, we are incredibly excited to unveil our new brand identity!

As you explore our new site, you’ll notice that our primary colors are now black and white, a decision that was made in order to shine a spotlight on the amazing content we help brands uncover from their real-life consumers and fans.

Certainly, our new identity will help us to better signify the premium nature of our technology and services; however, underlying our new logo, color palette, and website is also a renewed focus on the role of earned content and the opportunity it represents for brands. We view earned content as the connective tissue between the disparate channels that brands use to engage consumers. Put differently, earned content can be used to create personalized brand narratives and consumer experiences, at scale, across all relevant channels. At Olapic, we believe that a comprehensive earned content strategy relies on three pillars:

Curate with Precision

Brands can tap their loyal followings to collect images and videos shared by real people from all over the world. From there, the combination of algorithms and human moderation can be used to surface the best and most relevant content. Brands can then request rights, tag the content to products, and organize it for easy and efficient activation.

Activate with Ease

Once a media library of approved and high-quality content is established, brands can select earned content to power marketing and e-commerce strategies across the entire technology stack, driving ROI, increasing average order value, and positively impacting overall sales. By choosing the proper channels and integrations, the power of brands’ earned content can be amplified greatly.

Analyze with Intent

While engagement metrics are paramount for some brands, in e-commerce especially, so too are analytics on the revenue and conversion performance of earned content initiatives. With the proper tools in place, brands can identify, track, and connect with their most influential brand ambassadors, which are not always just the users with the highest follower count on various social networks.


We are prepared to rally around this framework, and have prioritized enhancements to our current technology and the introduction of new functionality to support our mission. As an example, earlier this year, we made a strategic acquisition and quickly integrated new capabilities to make our platform more of an omnichannel solution. Another key part of our innovation strategy is to create new, more engaging applications for existing content.

As a result, we are also proud today to announce a new innovative solution to accompany our new brand identity: Content in Motion.

Content in Motion takes your existing brand and earned content and turns it into dynamic, animated content that can be used whenever, wherever, giving you even more ways to engage your consumers. Whether animating a static image or weaving together a dynamic story with multiple images, Content in Motion is our contribution to creating those “Thumb-Stopping Moments.”

I want to thank our clients, our partners, and our colleagues for being on this journey with us; we hope each of them is as excited as we are about this next phase of Olapic. Please, take a look around our new website, explore our content and thought leadership, and feel free to reach out if you’d like to learn more about what we’re working on and how your brand can supercharge every touchpoint with earned content that’s proven to perform.

Real life. Real Impact.

Welcome to the new Olapic.