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Building a Unified Shopping Journey: Day One at XChange 2017

“We’ve moved to a non-linear customer journey, which inspires how people buy, and how brands service them.”

Jeff Barnett, CEO of Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware), set the tone with this quote on day one of the company’s signature event, XChange. In his opening keynote, he focused largely on how brands can create more consistent, unified experiences across all channels, and showcased how Commerce Cloud is enabling clients to succeed with an impressive blend of data and technology.

Two brand examples stood out primarily in the morning session. New Balance, a company based on a simple philosophy that “we were made to move” was highlighted for its use of personalization throughout the shopping experience. Working with Salesforce, New Balance has committed to providing true value to its customers across all touch points, integrating in-store and digital insights to personalize messaging and product recommendations.

According to Chris Ladd, EVP, Customer Experience at New Balance, “We’re all struggling to capture customers’ attention, and so we have to find the moments that matter. All of us will be rethinking the retail experience in the next few years.” It is clear that the brand is investing in emerging technology in order to both drive sales and improve athletic performance for its customers. On stage, an in-store environment based in virtual reality was demonstrated, and Ladd predicted, “As technology gets more sophisticated, you’ll start to see sensors in other parts of the body.”

PetSmart was the next brand highlighted by Salesforce Commerce Cloud during the morning keynote, primarily for its unique consistency across both in-store and digital shopping experience. Notably, PetSmart has a rather unique in-store value proposition, marrying products with expert services like pet grooming and care. The brand has doubled-down on the potential to activate the environment further by integrating in-app technology so consumers can engage with store representatives while on-the-go.

To simulate the full customer experience (and butter up the audience on an early morning), a golden retriever named Bella was brought on stage as Salesforce’s Rob Garf talked through the integrated experience PetSmart has achieved. Essentially, pet owners are able to schedule grooming appointments through the app, and in-store employees can communicate with the owners, even sending pictures of the pet when the service has been completed to indicate the animal is ready for pick-up (and that he or she looks fresh as a result!). When the owner picks up their pet, a store associate can check them out from a mobile device, and predictive intelligence can suggest complementary products that the owner may want to include in the purchase.

At Olapic, we have a shared vision with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and we are proud to partner with them to help brands achieve more authentic, seamless experiences. In fact, this year we were nominated as a “global technology partner of the year,” demonstrating how we are collaborating to influence the future of retail for many of the world’s top brands. As the shopping journey continues to become more distributed, and brands are able to achieve frictionless commerce at scale, the need for high-quality, personalized content to fulfill channels, cut through the noise, and provide consistency will increase substantially.

Our team is working to create new content solutions that will solve real challenges for brands. How are you preparing to succeed in the new era of content and commerce?

Looking forward to the rest of the event! If you’re here, visit us at booth #38 for good conversation and some fun giveaways.