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Olaview: Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Who Will Come Out On Top?

This week in digital marketing is all about social channels battling it out. With Facebook and Snapchat head to head in advertising innovation, Twitter continues to fight for market share . No matter where you turn, it’s clear that user-generated content (especially via social) is becoming more powerful by the minute. Read on to keep up with the latest visual marketing and earned content news.

OLAVIEW: JULY 29, 2016

Facebook Launches New App Install Ad Format that Targets Users Likely to Take Action [MarketingDIVE]

Targeting the upper funnel/awareness audience will always be a critical advertising strategy, but conversion is still queen in digital. Facebook is launching an ad unit that specifically targets users that both download and use an app, which is kind of a big deal, seeing as less than 6% of people who download an app end up even using it. With all the audience targeting options available, at the end of the day action is the focus. Being able to target users for a specific — and highly coveted — high-touch action paramount for success. Especially for app development, being able to find and target users will help immensely with evaluating an MVP release and getting real world feedback on apps with lower costs to deploy. That is, if anyone ever uses anything besides Pókemon Go these days.

– Catherine Mietek, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Olapic

Twitter’s CMO Explains Today’s Brand Refresh and the New ‘See What’s Happening’ Ads [ADWEEK]

Is Twitter dying? The jury still seems to be out on this one. While it seems like the Twitterverse will grow by double digits this year, there’s no lack of public opinion on its fate and longevity. With other players also offering up real-time news (Facebook Newsfeed, for example) and video being one of the biggest trends right now, it seems like perfect timing, if not a little overdue, for Twitter to undergo a refresh. That’s exactly what its new CMO, Leslie Berland, who joined the company in February, just served up this week.

The two video (ironically) spots bring to life the new tagline, “See what’s happening”, and position Twitter as the place to go and see what’s happening across practically every public sphere, from politics to sports. The iconic bird mascot, along with the revised brand color palette, is being used in more lively and abstract ways, alongside “images of dynamic shots of the world” to “communicate diversity and the voices and the personality that come to life on Twitter every single day”, according to Berland.

Is this lipstick enough to turn Twitter into the belle of the ball again and achieve the growth over the next half of this year – it remains to be seen. In her blog post on the launch of the rebrand, Berland mentioned that there is “more to come” in terms of Twitter’s effort to “express what we’re for and what we’ve always been.” Let’s stay tuned.

– June Wee, Events Marketing Manager, Olapic

Snapchat Applies for Patent to Serve Ads by Recognizing Objects in Your Snaps [THE VERGE]

It’s been a couple of months since Snapchat announced that it’s throwing its hat into the ad ring, looking to both be the next must-have for brands and to change the face of mobile marketing. As the newcomer, Snapchat has the benefit of learning from the mistakes of the first movers and doing things differently, but also faces the added pressure to wow marketers with innovation, measurable performance, and incredible value in order to steal share of market.

New creative formats, sponsored lenses, geo-filters, and more, already have great appeal with its largely millennial user-base. However, the most recent news shared is that Snapchat has applied for a patent to serve ads by recognizing objects in snaps, which could take ad context and personalization to the next level.

The thought behind this patent is that if basic objects can be recognized in a Snapchat image or video, an advertiser could better target the user with either a relevant Snapchat filter, sticker, or general advertisement. For example, if someone takes a snap of a cup of coffee, that user could then be targeted a specific filter to overlay on the photo (adding relevance and timeliness) or even offered a coupon for coffee.

The move toward patenting image-recognition shows that they are thinking beyond just geo-filters and ads between stories, but how advertisers can have an almost instant connection with users by combining ad efforts with relevant user-generated content.

– Meryl Serouya, Sr. Director of Partner Marketing, Olapic

In Big Retail Push, Under Armour Will Move Into NYC’s Iconic FAO Schwarz Location [ADWEEK]

Major sports apparel company, Under Armour, has just announced that they will be opening a store location in New York’s FAO Schwarz. After the closing of The Sports Authority, their largest store presence, Under Armour’s income dropped dramatically. This decision, coupled with partnering up with Kohl’s, is a great next move for them. The brand plans to make the FAO Schwarz location “the ultimate retail experience that delivers on the promise to make all athletes better”, making the store a destination for both tourists and locals to explore and enjoy. Their partnership with Kohl’s, a brand with a strong female demographic, will help them strengthen their presence in the female activewear market. I have no doubt that this will keep Under Armour on the map as a competitive sports brand. If they are really looking to amplify their in-store presence though, some earned content from customers might be just what they need (NYX Cosmetics is a pretty good model!)

– Ariel Hendricks, Marketing Analyst, Olapic

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