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Social Media Managers: Overcome the Content Crunch

In 2016, updates to social channels like Snapchat and Instagram dominated much of the marketing conversation. As we turn to a new year, we anticipate that the social complexity will only continue to expand. For social media managers and other marketers, solving the growing content gap will be critical to capture consumers with ever-shortening attention spans. Below are a few ideas to supplement social strategy in 2017 and beyond.

Gather Insights From The Customer

One of the prevailing trends over the past year has been the rise in user-generated, or earned, content. Of course, brands have been aware of user-generated content for quite some time, but recently many have begun to tap into their customers to help generated high-quality content to engage and convert.

We have written about the use of consumer images for e-commerce purposes, such as to showcase how fans of a brand look or feel when using a product. Brands can inspire their customers with user-generated content, and can also gain inspiration themselves through the content by better understanding the unique lifestyles and passions of various target audiences.

From a social media manager’s perspective, pre-existing UGC can be the key to creating content that resonates and relates to an audience. Additionally, with the right technology, brands can also supplement original social content with user-generated images to drive engagement with their fans. At Olapic, we recently conducted a global consumer research report, which found that user-generated content is the most trusted form of content among consumers that responded.

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Implement Scalable Dynamic Content

We’ve heard that it is the “year of video” for several years now, it does appear to be an important year for video marketing growth. In fact, according to HighQ, this year online video will account for 74% of web traffic. Still, while brands recognize the need for a video strategy, executing one at scale presents quite a challenge. Brands should consider other types of animations that can fill the demand of video with lower cost and higher efficiency.

At Olapic, we recently launched a product to combat these challenges and make it easier to create engaging content that can apply to a number of channels (i.e. social media, ads, emails, and more) without breaking the bank. Content in Motion (CiM) is a solution that turns static photos into dynamic animations, breathing new life into pre-existing media

It’s clear from our aforementioned research that customers expect authentic content and information from brands across all experiences. By tapping into existing user-generated, or earned, content, and by breathing new life into existing creative assets, brands can realize deeper and more impactful relationships with their audiences this year.

What is your brand doing to engage its customers on social and overcome the content crunch?

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