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The Science of People: How Olapic Blends the Power of Humans & Tech

Olapic has helped create an industry based on connecting brands with their best user-generated content (UGC). Across the board, brands have seen incredible results when integrating this type of content into their revenue and marketing strategies. Simple® Skincare, for example, experienced a 5.7X increase in CTR when a customer engaged with user-generated content at a Simple® Skincare retailer.

Enterprise brands inundated with consumer imagery may often struggle to achieve results with curated user-generated, or “earned” content. One of the biggest challenges Olapic has helped brands overcome is distilling collected assets into relevant content quickly and efficiently. While modern consumers generate an enormous volume of incredible imagery, not all of it fits a brand’s guidelines or is applicable to every channel. Knowing this, mining content, at scale, for usable visual assets is the key many brands need to truly unlock the benefits of their earned content.

Throughout the years, Olapic developed Strategic Moderation Services as a way to help shorten the runway between collecting and activating content. This offering was created with cost, speed, and efficiency in mind. By optimizing content management costs, brands are able to unlock assets quicklyensuring there is no wasted time or effort in getting the most value out of your brand’s UGC. That said, we’ve found the best way to achieve this goal is through a blend of best-in-class technology and unparalleled market expertise.

Our global team of over 100 moderation experts are an extension of your brand team. We work with you to understand how user-generated content fits into your brand guidelines. Then, using cutting-edge collection tools and image recognition technology, our moderators mine collected UGC according to (even the most-specific) brand guidelines. This team also holds regular strategic check-ins to ensure that your guidelines take key trends and nuances into account. By seamlessly combining appropriate technology with a dedicated team that knows scaleable content curation, we ensure that you’ll never miss out on the best content for your brand.

In addition to the above, tagging content is also included in these services, which is a critical part of managing content and making it easy to activate across your marketing channels. From products, to locations, to qualitative keywords — our team can help categorize your content quickly, enabling you to spend time strategizing around these assets instead of organizing them. While we always use state of the art image recognition to help tag UGC, it’s ultimately the people behind the tech that make it functional. Then, our algorithms learn from our moderators selecting, approving, or improving tagging suggestions — all with built-in human QA to ensure no tagging or approvals go astray.


  • Less cost investment by your team for consistent, expert-level service.
  • Quicker activation of content across channels.
  • More effective management of content to activate instead of organize.

Urban Decay proved the power of Strategic Moderation Services by utilizing the service to exceptionally match makeup shades and colors in UGC to its products. By incorporating strategic moderation into their strategy, Urban Decay was able to approve 39% more photos than the previous month.

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