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The Self-Centred Customer and Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

We’ve reached that time of the year when you do a roundup of everything that happened over the last 12 months to analyse what went wrong and right; identify how your customers reacted, how their behaviour changed over time; and decide how you can take those learnings into your strategy for the year ahead. To help you with this analysis, we partnered with Movable Ink for a look into ecommerce buying behaviour across the industry.

The research results identified that customers over the course of 2015 have become as self-centred as ever before – the use of technology and the ability for brands to create communications uniquely targeted to the individual mean that we’ve accustomed the customer to the detail, the personalisation, the direct communication and open approach, and now they expect nothing less from brands. Marketers everywhere have made the customer become self-important, and rightly so, the one-size-fits-all approach no longer works. In fact, 54% of consumers say they would consider ending a retailer relationship if they are not given tailor-made, relevant content, according to the CMO Council.

“54% of consumers say they would consider ending a retailer relationship if they are not given tailor-made, relevant content”

Facing the facts, 2016 reveals itself as the year where customer-centric digital marketing will take the lead. In fact, Jose de Cabo, Co-founder of Olapic, said at the recent Festival of Marketing “brands are no longer what marketers say they are. Brands are what consumers say they are.” This is visible by the incredible amount of content shared socially by consumers that refer to the brands they love. This is real, authentic content from the eyes of the user and brands should not ignore it, but welcome it into their own communications.

With the conclusions from our 2015 research in mind, we’ve identified three customer-centric digital marketing trends for 2016.

Trend 1: Brands will leverage earned content across the multi-channel

Brands that communicate with customers across all channels visited by clients with very attractive content will stand out. Customers that come across a brand multiple times are more confident about it and therefore spend 3.5 times more than those who only get acquainted with the brand via one channel. Combining both multi-channel and authentic imagery that customers have created themselves, helps consumers feel special and the brand more trusted.

Trend 2: Dynamic Facebook lookalike advertising using earned content will become mainstream

2016 will be all about relevance and social channels like Facebook are able to help you deliver just that. Reach an audience of potential customers with similar interests to your own brand fans and grab their attention by using imagery created by individuals they relate with.

Trend 3: Brands will customise the email experience even more with earned content

Reach your audience with the right type of content via email, wherever they are. Customers will not have a reason to unsubscribe if you continuously send them the offers and communications that are exclusively relevant to them.

Check out the infographic we put together with all data and insights:

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