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Study: Top Global Brands are Getting Wise to the Power of Instagram

Big brands are turning to Instagram in spades and the most enthusiastic of the bunch are benefitting greatly from it, this according to a new study of the photo-sharing platform by social media analytics firm Simply Measured.

By analyzing the Instagram presence of the brands on this year’s Interbrand 100 list, Simply Measured determined adoption of the platform has jumped from 54% to 86% in the last two years, and in the same span of time audience engagement has grown 416%.

Brands are not only migrating to the site, they’re also using it more frequently. 73% post at least one photo or video per week, a 35% increase over 2012.

This has proven fruitful, with brands seeing a massive uptick in followers across the board. Brands with 10,000 or more followers has grown by 34 year over year, and the number of brands with more than 100,000 followers has grown by 15 year over year.

“The Simply Measured report further confirms that consumer engagement with visual content coming from brands is on the rise. Brands that are able to develop a strong visual marketing strategy, and invest in executing it, will move ahead of the pack in the years to come,” Olapic CEO Pau Sabria told The Blog.

Here are a few more key takeaways from the report:

  • The number of brands posting at least once daily has more than tripled in the last year.
  • Monthly engagement (likes and comments) has doubled year over year. In Q3 2014, posts averaged 18,822 likes and comments each. Two years ago the average was 3,648.
  • Posts have staying power. 10% of comments come after 13 days. High performing posts (posts with double the average engagement) will peak later, taking more than 13 hours to hit 50% of total comments.
  •  Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement.  

“Our data shows that brands are continuing to invest heavily in social media, especially the visual platforms,” said Michael Thomason, data analyst at Simply Measured. “Active brands are developing a standardized strategy for reaching their customers on Instagram, and are in turn receiving record engagement and exposure to a wider audience.”

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