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How Video Ads Are Improving User Acquisition for Gaming

In recent years, the gaming industry has grown substantially. As it stands, global gaming revenue is expected to reach $138B this year. Moreover, 50 percent of that revenue is spent on mobile, meaning that consumers are allowing games to take up prime real estate on their devices. As a result, the competition is fierce among gaming publishers to entice their current customers and garner new ones. But, developing the compelling creative needed to reach potential players and convert eyeballs into downloads has proven to be a challenge for brands.

We now exist in a landscape where development cycles are faster than ever before and the barrier to enter the market is low (think Amazon and Facebook). This makes it even more imperative for brands to create strategic, engaging content that is relevant to the consumer in order to cut through the noise and scale user acquisition.

On Facebook and Instagram alone, users dwell on video 5x longer than static images. And by 2021, Cisco projects that over 78 percent of total mobile data traffic will be video. Given this, if your mobile game is going to be the unicorn in the crowd, your team must be able to create more content, faster, by rethinking the traditional approach to creative production.

Publishers today need to be able to take a few concepts, each with their own combination of image, video, and copy, and then scale the asset to a variety of different ad formats like feed, carousel, and vertical story. And, this only begins to scratch the surface of the content that teams have to generate in order to entice the buyer and not get lost in the ether.

Players especially are looking for game elements and calls to action (in their native language, of course) that grab their attention and resonate with personal preferences. This creates a huge demand for constant creative refreshes as marketers attempt to hone in on the latest combination of characters, rewards, and gameplay that speak to each of their global audiences.

At Olapic, we’ve long focused on helping brands develop high-quality, modern creative assets to address a growing set of channels and consumer perspectives. That’s why we developed Content in Motion (CiM): An easy-to-use platform that allows brands to ideate, test, and create video assets, at scale, to reach users with the personalized content they crave. By incorporating short-form video into a company’s visual marketing strategy, we have helped a number of global brands engage new audiences and stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace.

While most marketers understand the need for an engaging video strategy, for many it still feels unsustainable to create quality content, at the rate its needed, to fill evolving channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. Brand teams need the ability to assess new concepts, iterate quickly on shorter cycles, and personalize video content for a diverse consumer base.

By making it easier to interchange visual and copy elements, test & learn faster, and deploy a variety of formatted assets to meet new channel requirements, CiM is breaking the traditional creative cycle allowing gaming publishers to develop the content they need to influence and amass new audiences. Meaning, with the right combination of technology and branded content there is great potential for brands to scale an effective video strategy to reach new users and drive conversions without sacrificing cost, quality, or speed.

To learn more about how Content in Motion can enhance your brand’s visual marketing strategy feel free to explore the technology or reach out to us, here.

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