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Case Study Video: Hostelworld

Hostelworld, the world’s top online hostel-booking platform, went through a recent rebrand that included a transition to incorporating user-generated content (UGC) in all marketing and advertising.

The challenge? The brand wanted to showcase the modern hostel experience through its customers’ authentic content, but was having trouble obtaining and activating the UGC across all digital touchpoints, at scale. By leveraging Olapic’s Content Engine, Hostelworld was able to infuse UGC into all of its marketing channels. 

Through activating UGC in Instagram ads during Q1, the brand was able to grow its followers by 25% with only 13% of the annual ad spend. Moreover, the Olapic UGC widget on the Hostelworld blog led to 23x more interactions and an average CTR of 4.9%.

“They saved us by bringing our brand to life,” said Amy Sutton, Global Social Media & Content Manager, Hostelworld. Watch the video to learn more!

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