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Visual Marketing News of the Week

Here’s five curated visual marketing stories to get you caught up and ready for this week of Facebook, Instagram, and ecommerce marketing.
1. Instagram Ads Go Global, TechCrunch
At the end of September, Instagram Ads will be available globally to businesses of all sizes. Formats will include 30-second video ads (rather than the current 15 second ones), making it easy for brands to turn TV commercials into Instagram Ads.

2. Who Are the Leaders in Omnichannel Retail, L2 Blog
The latest Intelligence Report from L2 pinpoints the most forward-thinking players in each retail pricepoint.

3. Facebook Shows How to “Do More with Less,” AdWeek
SocialTimes breaks it down like this: “You’ll soon be able to do more of the things that you’re not doing now because you’ll be spending less time doing inefficient things.”

4. 10 Tips For Optimizing Instagram for Ecommerce, Practical Ecommerce
If your Instagram community has become a bigger part of your overall marketing strategy, you’ll want to make a note of these tactics, in particular: hashtags rule, forget Twitter, and post everyday.

5. Want to Kill it on Instagram? Post Product Pics, The Olapic Blog
Recent research has shown that 65% of the best performing brand posts on Instagram actually feature product shots, not lifestyle. So, post more of the stuff you sell to move the needle your visual marketing. Yes, really.

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