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Why Instagram Ads Will be Massive

The long anticipated rollout of Instagram Ads API is upon us and here at Olapic, we could not be more excited. We have long realized the power of this platform and have proven how influential consumer-generated images can be when used in marketing and advertising efforts.

As a participant among the initial group of Facebook Marketing Partners who will be integrating the Instagram Ads API, we will be working our brand and retailer customers to start rolling out campaigns inside this globally popular app.

We strongly believe the next major advertising channel will be Instagram. Being able to create advertising that feels native to the platform experience is critical for success, and Olapic is unique in offering a way to source engaging and authentic images from fans already on Instagram.

Brands are looking to Instagram advertising to help achieve business and marketing objectives, such as increasing brand awareness, driving more sales and increasing conversion rates. By using Olapic to power the content of these ads, marketers can save tens of thousands of dollars on creative production costs by collecting images crafted by true brand fans and curated by our Photorank™ predictive content recommendation technology.

This past spring, Olapic launched our Facebook advertising solution, Predictive Consumer Generated Facebook Ads, offering and industry-first offering that taps consumer-generated images for use in Facebook ads and retargeting. We were blown away with the results: upwards of a 4.8x return on ad spends, a 12% decrease in acquisition costs and nearly 40% increase CTR in retargeting efforts. Clearly authentic consumer photos are proving effective in this environment as it is native content and is consistent with the user experience.

There is no doubt in our minds that top performing content for these new Instagram ads will come from the platform itself for a 100% native advertising experience. And we look forward to sharing our results as we go.

Any marketer looking to learn more should visit to schedule a chat about how Olapic can help power successful Instagram Ad campaigns with fan created content.