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Why short-form video should be part of your holiday campaign

Holiday shopping isn’t what it used to be, in large part due to the surge in online retail and smartphone use. With phones in hand at all times, consumers now expect that brands will make it easier for them to discover, interact with and purchase the products or services they are interested in.

It’s good news for marketers, especially those who are still planning their holiday strategy and December push. The instantaneous nature of digital means that campaigns can be created, launched, and start generating results almost immediately.

The mobile-first mindset also means that shoppers aren’t in a huge hurry to start buying gifts. Some 80 percent of people wait until late November to complete their holiday shopping, and 54 percent said they wait until December or later to take advantage of sales, according to Deloitte’s 2017 Holiday Retail Survey.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, trends show people heavily rely on their smartphones to conduct research before buying. Google reports that 64 percent of mobile users conduct a search for products before heading to a store. Moreover, the Deloitte survey showed that over half of shoppers plan to spend their entire holiday budget online.

As a result, competition for attention on digital platforms is fierce. Chances are, the content you used last year might not have the same edge this year, particularly if you’re delivering it to the same audience.

This year, short-form video is expected to differentiate successful campaigns from stagnant ones. Why? Attention spans are shorter, consumers have grown accustomed and partial to these formats (Instagram Stories/Snapchat, etc.) And the good news is: short-form video is easy to produce, customizable, and engaging.

With video increasing the chances of conversion by 600 percent, according to research by Forrester, it’s hard to justify not using it in your holiday campaigns. Read our whitepaper, to learn everything you need to know about promoting your holiday offers using shortform video.

This is an excerpt from our report, “How To Use Short-Form Video In Your Holiday Campaigns.” For more insight, including tips for generating powerful creative directly from Facebook’s Product Growth Manager, click here to download a complimentary copy of the full report.

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