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Three digital innovations from the Oasis website replatform

Oasis describes three innovations the retailer has introduced to its eCommerce business as it unveils its new website.

Real-time visibility of stock, delivery and content have been key to the replatform of

Both Oasis and its sister retailer, Warehouse, launched new digital platforms last week, by partnering with Accenture Strategy’s Javelin Group, Demandware and Retail Assist to manage the migration of both sites.

Oasis and Warehouse COO, Hash Ladha, said: “Across each brand we pride ourselves in consistently being at the forefront of innovation and now have a new base to continue to build from for the future.”

Meanwhile, director of digital, Briony Garbett, said the website has been built centrally around its ability to share real-time stock information with its customers.


Stock visibility

While the retailer launched ship-from-store in 2012 and gains stock visibility updates every 10-15 minutes, now it has a new mobile optimised website, it can really capitalise on this retail advantage.

Oasis already offers a ‘seek and send’ service where it can search for particular items from across the store estate and deliver it to the customer’s local store. “This typically takes 20% of our overall business, and is used for fragmented sale stock and unexpected best sellers. It allows us to effectively manage our stock as a business,” said Garbett.

But Garbett said having this visibility has enabled the retailer to introduce a new online feature where customers can search specific stores and concessions for available products. This ‘shop by store’ online tool allows customers to select their local store and view its real-time inventory. They can also filter results if they are searching for something in particular.

“So if you’re researching to go to the Argyll Street store at lunch time, you can select black dresses, in a size eight, which are available in that store,” explained Garbett at Demandware’s Xchange conference in Berlin this week. “This is something I haven’t seen at any fashion retailers I’ve been shopping on – it’s valuable and it’s useful.”


As part of the website revamp, customers are also presented their delivery options in a clear and consistent way. “For us the key to delivery is balance, but being best in class means you have a multitude of different choices, and rationalising and communicating that to customers becomes quite difficult,” she said.

One service the retailer intends to relaunch later this summer is its two-hour fulfilment service, using Shutl.

“It is only used by 2% of our customer base, but satisfaction and repeat purchase from that delivery is much higher than another delivery option.”

Oasis is also launching click & collect capabilities this summer. “We are a bit late to the party,” admitted Garbett. The service will take 2-3 days and be fulfilled from both the DC and stores, while an express click & collect service will provide same-day collection.

“We’re in the process of bartering with the stores [around the express delivery time],” she said. “We say 15 minutes, they say four hours – we’ll meet somewhere in the middle. But this has been enabled by real-time stock availability and visibility.”

Content and commerce

Garbett also pointed to the importance of consumer-generated content for Oasis customers. “We’re a particularly visual brand and when we were creating the new site that came to life as well.” oasis my way

One such blend of content and commerce is the website’s ‘Loved Right Now’ widget which is a live feed showing what customers are buying and from where in the country.

“The live visibility of what they’re buying is really engaging,” she said. “And the conversion rate on these featured items is twice as high as the rest of the site.”

The retailer also created a dedicated social hub on its new website, called ‘#Oasisfashion’, which is where customers can go to engage with all social content, as well as long-form features.

Oasis is also working with Olapic to create a social style gallery, called ‘Oasis My Way’, which aggregates images consumers have uploaded with the hashtag: ‘#OasisFashion’. The Olapic portal automatically contacts the person who uploaded the content to ask permission to use it on The portal also filters out inappropriate images and creates a ‘grey list’, which Garbett and her team can consult and consider for the website.

The Olapic widget is also embedded onto the relevant product pages, because Garbett believes the social element is equally as important as the model image.

“Anything with an Olapic image has a 4.5% conversion rate, compared to 2.5-3% on the rest of the site,” explained Garbett. “The interaction is generating commercial value.”

Oasis is also in the early stages of developing a customer wish list, which Garbett wants to be shareable.

“I genuinely think that’s the next step because we know she does so much research before she steps into store.”

Author: Caroline Baldwin

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