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Weleda Uses Olapic Content Engine to Curate and Activate User-Generated Content for Its Global Garden Marketing Campaign

February 4, 2019 – Olapic, a Monotype company, today announced that Weleda, the world’s leading manufacturer of holistic, natural cosmetics and anthroposophic medicines, is using the Olapic Content Engine to collect and activate user-generated content (UGC) for its Global Garden marketing campaign. Weleda relied on UGC as a central element for the campaign, and is using more than 1,500 pieces of UGC on

“Olapic plays a critical role in how our brand engages customers,” said Daniel Kugler, head of global brand experience and communication at Weleda. “Integrating customers and the content they create into our marketing increases authenticity, ensures high interaction rates, improves customer loyalty and ultimately, helps drive our success.”

Under the hashtag #GlobalGarden, Weleda launched a competition in 16 countries in fall 2017. The winner, Lauren Doolan, an Australian blogger also known as Micro Adventurist, was given the opportunity to travel to 11 companies for three months in early summer 2018. She chronicled her trip with her followers through blog entries on the campaign’s dedicated website,, which were also amplified through social media. Olapic’s Content Engine identified hundreds of images marked with the hashtag and campaign keywords, and that aligned with Weleda’s brand identity and values. From there, Weleda was able to mine from the approved content library to inform and improve the next iteration of its brand communication.

“The beauty industry has really defied the traditional notion of what it means to reach and interact with consumers. There are a lot of challenger brands that have emerged, and one of the biggest changes they’ve ushered in is the concept of ‘real beauty,’ versus edited photos or filters,” said Brett Zucker, CMO of Monotype. “What better way to be the ‘face’ of the people, than to actually integrate your consumers into your marketing efforts? The Olapic Content Engine makes that possible for brands like Weleda, and the results speak for themselves.”

To learn more about Olapic’s Content Engine, or to see how brands can leverage it to incorporate UGC into their marketing strategies, visit

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